Keota, Iowa

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Keota, Keokuk County, IA
Elevation: 797 feet
2010 census: 1,009 people
Median Family income: $43,393
7.6% of families are below poverty level
54% of adults are married
Median age is 40.9 years
82.7% are HS graduates
17% have Bachelor's degree
16.9% are Veterans

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Welcome to the City of Keota

Where friendship and progress continue to grow

Our community invites you to explore our website and visit our town. Our small town in Keokuk County in southeast Iowa is a safe and friendly place to put down roots. We are a caring community that values family, friends and neighbors. This spirit is reflected in the quality of life we enjoy and the successes of the children who have grown up in Keota. Join us in small town Iowa!

Upcoming Events

Summer 2015

Keota ranks Number 1 in America's Top 10 Most Extroverted Cities, according to Pyco of Redmond, Washington, a psychological type marketing firm. Exactly 61.639% of Keota's adult population were scored as extroverts.

The cemetery just received a nice enhancement with the gravestones. The city was granted funds from the WCRF for this project, with matching funds from the city. The project took about a month to complete and 147 stones were repaired. The Keota police truck also received an upgrade in technology for writing and filing tickets. The new system allows the city to go green and be on the same network as other community's and state departments. The KCCEF and WCRF funded this project entirely between the two of them. The city would like to thank both organizations for the funds and interest in bettering the community.

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