Keota, Iowa

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Keota, Keokuk County, IA
Elevation: 797 feet
2010 census: 1,009 people
Median Family income: $43,393
7.6% of families are below poverty level
54% of adults are married
Median age is 40.9 years
82.7% are HS graduates
17% have Bachelor's degree
16.9% are Veterans

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Keota City Government

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City Ordinances

There are numerous city ordinances which govern the actions of residents of Keota. The information listed on this website is general in nature and should not be construed as law. For complete information, please see the City Clerk for a copy of the City Codes of Operation.


Parking on city streets is allowed overnight, but vehicles may not be parked for long periods of time for storage on city streets. Vehicles in disrepair and unusable are to be removed from property within the city.

Snow Removal

Snow should be removed from all sidewalks within a reasonable amount of time following a snowfall. If snow is not removed the City may do so and assess the costs against the property owner and collected in the same manner as property tax.
Snow may not be pushed into city streets or alleyways from private property. Cars are not to be parked on city streets 24 hours after a snowfall.


Burning of trash and leaves is prohibited within the city limits. Leaves may be taken to city property east of Keota. Contact the City Clerk for specific information.

Ordinance 235

Special permit to Improve Property

Curfew for minors

Persons under the age of 18 are subject to curfew from 10:30 pm through 5:00 am Sunday through Thursday and 12:30 pm through 5:00 am Friday and Saturday. These are general guidelines and do not apply when the underage person is accompanied by a parent or during an emergency situation

Animal Control

All dogs 6 months or older shall be vaccinated against rabies and should wear a tag as proof. Dogs shall be confined to the owner's property and not be allowed to run at large. Dogs shall not be a nuisance to others, which includes excessive barking, chasing of vehicles, or damage to property.


Fireworks displays are provided during special celebrations by qualified persons. All other fireworks displays are prohibited by law in Iowa, with the exception of sparklers and other similar items. Children should be closely supervised while using these.

Ordinance 239

Urban Revitalization